Craig Winter

When I set up this blog a few weeks ago I didn’t expect to be posting a pic of myself in ‘The Fighters’ catagory, thinking my fighting days were long behind me.   But after a bit of persuasion (it didn’t take much!)  from boxing promoter Peter Jackson I have decided to make a return to the ring on February 26th at the ‘ The Venue ‘ in Dudley

I retired from professional boxing 9 years ago, becoming frustrated after being let down on fights and with all kinds going on in my personal life, boxing was soon forgotten about.  After a few years of letting my hair down and getting involved in all kinds of sh*t, I sorted myself out and started  helping promising Steve Scourfield who’d only had a couple of amateur fights at the time.  Steve went on to have around 20 amateur fights winning most of them and becoming a firm favourite with local fight supporters.

With un-licensed boxing become ever more popular, and amatuer boxing becoming more out of touch and spoilt by stupid rules, Steve and I decided to make the swap as fighter and trainer over to the un-licensed circuit.

Since then I have gone on to train a fair few lads who have wanted to have a go on this circuit and taken great satisfaction in passing on my knowledge.  Although at the moment I don’t have my own gym I’m on the look out for one in the right  area, I currently train my fighters in other people’s gyms.

Anyway looking back on my boxing career I’m now disappointed I walked away from it when I was in my prime but my head wasn’t right and if your not focused there’s no point.

Although in an ideal world I’d love to go back and have another crack at professional boxing, with my advancing age (for a boxer!) and commitments in my life, like kids and work I haven’t got the time to commit myself to the training needed to do the professional distance.   But fighting over 3 rounds or 4 for a title fight (unlicensed boxing) I have, so after a bit of persuasion from Promoter Pete Jackson I’ve accepted the challenge and am lacing the gloves back on.   below is the pic that I posed for to go on the fight poster, need to lose a few pounds and tone up a bit, but I’m sure I’ll be ready come fight time.  Follow this blog and I’ll keep ya posted………………………

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